"Clients want to percieve their
lawyer as a human being, not as an

Wolfgang Strba

Curriculum Vitae Interview

Wolfgang Strba Attorney at Law and Accredited Specialist for Employment Law

Wolfgang Strba was born in Frankfurt and was admitted to the bar in 1989. He is married with three children.

Wolfgang Strba gained his first experience in a large law firm and then in a small office. In 1991, the time had come: “In that year I decided to go independent. The idea of being my own master appealed to me and I looked forward to creating a law firm according to my own ideas. Both turned out just fine.” It had been clear from the outset that he would not seek to build a large law firm. The firm was meant to remain manageable, to be a manufactory rather than a factory, to always offer clients customized, individual solutions. The law firm has thus grown without ever losing its personal and open atmosphere. “When our clients like to be with us, when my colleagues and our employees look forward to coming to the office every morning, then I feel good. In my experience, only such an environment ensures good work and a highly motivated attitude.”

This is easily confirmed when you look and ask around the office. Wolfgang Strba has for many years maintained close and versatile contacts in the USA, and keeps in touch with his English and US-American clients and fellow professionals.

Attorney Strba is an Accredited Specialist in Employment Law, he has advised and represented numerous companies from their incorporation, and has served on supervisory boards for many years. Even though he briefly considered a career as a medical practitioner a long time ago – today Wolfgang Strba is convinced that none other than the legal profession could provide him with such contentment.


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