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We know our clients just as they know us.
Some of them have been with us for many years."

Ellen Taufkirch

Ellen Taufkirch Associate and
Accredited Specialist for Tenancy and Condominium Law

Initially, Frankfurt-born Ellen Taufkirch wanted to become a judge. Her practical legal training at the law firm Strba, however, showed her an entirely different side of legal practice, which she learned to appreciate – she stayed.

What she likes best about the profession of a lawyer is the personal contact with the clients and the possibility of strategically supporting them also in the preliminary phase of a legal dispute. This enables her to develop creative solutions tailored to her clients’ requirements. A fascinating and intellectually challenging activity, which in addition is much diversified. “I want to help clients and ensure that they are given justice”, Ellen Taufkirch explains. The tasks of a judge are more abstract. The judge finds a given set of facts on his desk and must then process it from a mere legal standpoint. At best, he catches just a glimpse of the persons behind the case.

As the mother of two children, Ellen Taufkirch currently finds little time for her hobbies of dancing and playing the flute. However, she is very good at balancing her job and her family.


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