Tenancy Law

Tenancy law is a special core area of our extrajudicial and judicial activities. We have for many years been the reference firm of Haus & Grund Frankfurt.

In the area of tenancy law we advise and represent clients in both residential and commercial leases.

Our advice and representation covers the entire area of tenancy law in connection with the conclusion and drafting of lease agreements, including all legal questions during the lease, up to its termination.

We review and draft lease agreements, and advise and represent you in matters relating to the amount of rent and enforcement of claims for payment, rent security/rent deposit, increase or reduction in rent. We represent you with regard to claims for damages or operating costs accounts, as well as on issues relating to the maintenance and repair of the lease object, decorative repairs and renovation.

We furthermore have many years of experience in all legal issues arising from the enforcement of and defence against notices of termination, including issues of enforcement law, especially in connection with tenant protection and eviction.