Law of Succession

We advise and represent our clients on all issues arising in the context of the law of succession, both in the private sector and in corporate succession.

We draft and review last wills and testaments as well as agreements of inheritance. In addition, we support you in the area of anticipated succession, for example in designing deeds of gift and transfer agreements. We also advise you in drawing up living wills, precautionary powers of attorney, and advance directives on care.

Our activities comprise advice and representation regarding all legal questions relating to succession and inheritance. This also includes a possible renunciation of an inheritance, the contestation of testamentary dispositions, the request for issuance of a certificate of inheritance, liability for obligations of the estate and possibilities of reducing the same, rights and obligations as a member of a community of heirs, the distribution of the estate, and disputes with executors.

We furthermore support you in asserting and defending against all other claims to inheritance, for example claims from legacies, or claims to a compulsory portion or rights to a supplement to the compulsory portion.