Company Law

We advise and represent our clients on all company law issues, from the formation to the dissolution of a company. This applies both to partnerships and corporations.

Our services include advice regarding the choice of legal form for the entrepreneurial activities. We draft and review partnership agreements/articles of association, corporate agreements and business acquisition contracts.

We furthermore advise you on transactions subject to the German Transformation of Companies Act, i.e. with regard to mergers and split-offs, and the change of legal form.

We draft resolutions of corporate bodies.

Our range of services furthermore comprises judicial and extrajudicial representation in disputes among shareholders, and with regard to conflicts between shareholders and board members.

We support shareholders and board members against whom claims are asserted, for example by the insolvency administrator.

We advise you with regard to the legal issues that arise upon dissolution of a company and resignation of shareholders.

Finally, one of the core areas of our work is to draw up service agreements with managing directors and board members, and advice and representation relating to the termination of such contracts and the removal of board members. In this respect, we represent companies, managing directors and board members.