Banking and Capital Markets

We advise and represent our clients in connection with the conclusion of loan and credit agreements, including loan collateral financing, as well as the enforcement of or defence against claims under such contracts. In this respect we have a lot of experience particularly also in the area of enforcement measures relating to real and personal property or the defence against enforcement measures, also in summary cases.

We furthermore advise you on all liability issues of capital market law, both in the area of prospectus liability and, for example, the liability of asset managers, advisors, and agents, and represent your interests both in court and out of court.

Finally, a core area of our work is Capital Investment Law, especially with regard to claims from securitized derivatives (debentures, certificates, and stock warrants). Here, we represent both the issuers and the investors, and are especially experienced in representing our clients’ interests in court. We handle the procedural course of special proceedings (proceedings restricted to documentary evidence, etc.) and also have extensive experience in trial coordination and tactics, also within an international context.